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• #1: Make sure land of the dead is updated to version v1.1
* It should read v1.1 in the Top Right Corner of your game screen.
* Like in this pic for another example screenshot. (v1.1)

• LOTD Update v1.1 File: lotd_patch_v1.1.zip

• Downloaded files from servers are stored in Game Cache.
* Those downloaded files only are stored for 30 days. One month.
* After 30 days. you will be downloading the same maps!
* See the Information page of How to stop doing that. :-/

• BladeINV12: BladeIN_V12_Install.exe

• LastManINV1: LastManINV1.zip

• Unreal Editor + UcExporter FIX: VistaPlusFix.zip
• If you wish to create maps for lotd on windows vista and Above. You will need these files.
* Please Read the ReadME. DO NOT Add these files to your main lotd playing game folder! Do Not!
* If you wish to use the lotd unreal editor beyond windows XP.. then you will need these 2 files.
• The Easiest way to do this:
:Step #1: Copy your lotd folder and paste it to a new location. like: C:/games/lotd_editor.
:Step #2: Replace the Core.u and the Core.dll file with the downloaded files above.
... in lotd_editor/system/ folder that you just copied to C:/games/lotd_editor.
:Step #3: Double click on: lotd/system/UnreadEdStart.bat - NOT Unrealed.exe!
:Step #4: Enjoy the lotd unreal editor and ucexporter now working.
• NOTE: Save your maps frequently...especially on vista.. for the editor can crash on you.
* Tested: Vista.. Win 7.. Win 10. (Win XP don't need these files.)

• Xfire / D-Tools / Start up Intro FIX:
* This gets rid of the Start Up Intro of the game. nice.
* This also fixes: MY: D-Tools Join Game. D-Tools.
Xfire / Dtools Join Server Fix:
* Just replace those files with the ones in your game folder.. no harm no foul...
* AND D-Tools will work on any windows. xp and above.

• For manually Downloading maps:
* Please see the Forum links at the right of this website.
* Otherwise.. LOTD Maps will download from the lotd servers.

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